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Learn about our upcoming clinics

Our team is excited to offer many low cost veterinary clinics in communities all over Manitoba with limited or no access to vet care. Learn more about upcoming clinics below!

Our Work

Together, with a collaborative One Health approach our team is providing veterinary resources and care to communities who don't have equitable health care access. With compassion at the forefront of all our work, we recognize the gap in not having essential access to health services, including veterinary care in many communities throughout Manitoba. We also recognize the connection between people, animals and their shared environment and what this means for how we provide assistance, support and advocacy. 

In our commitment to reconciliation, we stand in solidarity with Indigenous people of this land recognizing that we're operating on Treaty 1, 2 and 5 territory and will support Indigenous communities with respect. 

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Join our team

Clinic Volunteers at Manitoba Animal Alliance assist in the execution of planning, preparation, setting up, and executing pop-up clinics in communities that have limited or no veterinary access. As a clinic volunteer, you will play a key role in providing accessible veterinary care to animals and their families in a kind way. Volunteer roles range from working the admissions table, ensuring all paperwork is properly filled out and clients are well taken care of and explained the process. Customer service skills would be beneficial. Other roles include working closely with the vet team, providing assistance where necessary, like setting up stations, cleaning areas, and maintaining medical equipment. Additionally, volunteers may be involved in animal care, ensuring all animals undergoing procedures are well and comfortable.

There are several roles that need to be filled, and accommodations can be made for volunteers who are more strongly suited for certain available roles. However, strong consideration will be given to volunteers who are versatile in order to meet the requirements for each clinic role.

- Must be able to travel long distances and have a valid driver's license.
- Must be able to lift 20 - 40 lbs.
- Must be able to handle being on your feet for long durations.
- Must be comfortable working with animals like domesticated dogs and cats, as well as sometimes working with stray or vulnerable animals.
- Must have a positive attitude.
- Must be culturally sensitive to indigenous peoples' issues.
- Must be a team player.
- Experience working with animals is considered an asset.

In this position, you will be responsible for the intake of animal patients by collecting essential information from owners and recording accurate details about the animals. 




  • Greet and welcome owners and their pets upon arrival at the clinic

  • Obtain necessary information from pet owners, including contact details, pet's health history, and any concerns or special requirements

  • Accurately input all collected information into the clinic's form

  • Ensure that all forms and paperwork are complete and filed correctly

  • Answer any questions that owners may have regarding the clinic's services or their pet's care and ask them to wait to be seated until the vet team is ready for them.

  • Assist in maintaining a clean and organized waiting area for clients

  • Collaborate with the veterinary team to ensure the smooth flow of patients through the clinic

Help Support our One Health Program

Poplar River Vet Clinic

Connecting communities to services.

Together with the help of Winnipeg Humane Society we were able to provide Spay and Neuter surgeries to over 50 animals. Our team was also there to provide vaccinations, and stock up the community with emergency food for the community pets. 

After years of work in Poplar River, we're happy to report that they have reduced their stray animal population significantly. 

Our One Health Program is working!

Town of Grand Rapids

Connecting vet care to communities

Our team, together with the Winnipeg Humane Society were able to provide 40+ animals spay and neuter surgeries and vet care by providing transportation from Grand Rapids to Winnipeg, and back again so all animals could receive vet care before making it back to their owners. This is how our team makes veterinary care accessible and affordable.

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