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Flight volunteers are essential to Manitoba Animal Alliance, and enable us bring dogs in from all over Manitoba and onto adoptive rescues we work with. As a flight volunteer, you act as an escort for a rescue dog from one airport to the other. It's a lot easier than it may seem, and MAA is here for you every step of the way!


A volunteer from each rescue will be on both ends to make the transport as seamless as possible. All dog costs are covered by us, and all dogs will be traveling with paperwork and necessary shots. All we ask is that you don't get too attached (we know its hard) and hand over the pup to the rescue volunteer once you land!

We'd love to have a dog join you on your flight to Toronto or Vancouver so it can find a loving home it deserves! The most common airlines we work with are WestJet.


If you have your flight booked already, please fill out the following information in the form below.


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