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About Us

Manitoba Animal Alliance was established in 2013 by Founder and Director Debra Vandekerkhove. As a passionate advocate for animals Debra began building from scratch to what Manitoba Animal Alliance is today. A dedicated volunteer run organization with a far reach across the province of Manitoba providing veterinary resources and animal care to communities that are without.

Working together with first nation communities, we’re building on this foundation of compassion and inclusion to help both pets and people. We’re making sure that everyone has the same access to care for their pets and that every adoptable pet (stray or rehoming) has access to the comfort of a foster home. 

We’re committed to creating healthy communities which is why we use a One Health approach when building animal care strategies. This one health commitment means taking a unifying approach that balances the health of people, animals and their shared environment. We believe in using the 3 C's - Collaboration, Coordination & Communication to create positive change in the communities we work with.

We'd love your support. Every dollar counts! 

We absolutely love animals — and we think humans are pretty amazing, too!

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