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Our Clinic Team is hitting the road!

Manitoba Animal Alliance is set to provide veterinary clinic resources to the Town of Grand Rapids Manitoba.

Supporting families with their pets.

Our clinic team is very excited to bring access to veterinary resources to the town of Grand Rapids this upcoming weekend. Our team, with the help of Winnipeg Humane Society will be transporting registered pets from the Town of Grand Rapids back to Winnipeg where they will receive a full health exam, spay or neuter, vaccinations, de-worming and so much more. After an overnight at the Winnipeg Humane Society recovering from their procedures, our clinic team will then be safely transporting all pets back to their owners the following day. As a team of dedicated volunteers, we're always so pleased to be able to extend necessary resources to communities that are without.

For more information on our clinics please email, or check our event calendar for future events

Northern Communities need veterinary access.

Until every community has equitable access to necessary health care like these veterinary services, we will continue to support them and raise awareness about the lack of accessible health services in many communities across Manitoba. If you'd like to help us with a donation towards this upcoming clinic we'd be very grateful. Without the publics support, clinics like these are not possible.

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